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There's lots to look at today, especially for movie buffs who'll now strive to take in all the films nominated for Oscars yesterday. Surprisingly, "The Dark Knight" was left out of the major categories (except for the posthumous nod to Heath Ledger on the anniversary of his death — a lovely coincidence) and "Milk" did better than expected, though still short of the whopping 13 nominations for "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." That movie has apparently inspired a lot of hatred and boredom but it's exactly the kind of well-photographed actor's showcase the lazy Academy voters love. Let's just hope Brad Pitt remains unzipped when he collects his Oscar!

Meanwhile, LA gossip site Defamer says, "In honor of the Oscar nominations, we're launching a new feature: Movie
Montages You'll Never See at the Academy Awards
. What better way to
kick things off than with this steamy gallery of men kissing?" Can't argue with that!

No sign of Toronto Mayor David Miller in that montage but he is in Los Angeles, trying to woo back Hollywood film production with tales of the 79-cent loonie. The real Canadian success story today however is the revamped website for the National Film Board — hundreds of classic short films, cartoons, documentaries and film clips are now available to view on the site.  I got a big kick out of the homoerotic 1960 exercise documentary "I Was a Ninety-Pound Weakling" but it's the hilarious Oscar-winning classic "The Big Snit" that will always make my heart swell with patriotic pride.

Speaking of swelling, it turns out there's a lot more homosexuality in Iran than we'd figured — despite their government's attempts to kill them all.

Hey kids!  Still hoping to meet that daddy of your dreams?  Former "family values" Republican (and IM enthusiast) Mark Foley now has a Facebook page!  Poke away!

I'm gonna go out on a limb and declare this the week's weirdest news headline: "Former French President Chirac hospitalised after mauling by his clinically depressed poodle"

And finally, some straightforward eye candy — both nerdy (the outdoor webcam collection made for a James Bond villain) and musclebound (the next phase in the "Surf Camp" vote):