Adam Lambert
1 min

Talent schmalent

So 'American Idol' came down to a choice between the cute Christian crooner Kris Allen and the big-lunged, Bowie-esque, Entertainment-Weekly-says-he's-gay Adam Lambert:

Allen was the underdog going in — clearly outclassed by Lambert in recent weeks — but if there's one thing America likes, it's an underdog story.

So Allen won and I suppose we gays should be upset (except for ex-evangelical leader Ted Haggard, of course) but c'mon, you and I both know that Lambert will be just fine.  He impressed too many people to just fade away now.  We'll see who wins out a couple years from now when one of them finds his CD in the bargain bin at HMV (*cough*Kris*cough*).

And gay men have enough to worry about, thanks — not only can we not get our comic books printed, we're being blamed for the 'Terminator' robots out to kill us all:

Thanks.  Thanks a lot.  And good luck, Adam!