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Talking bonuses

Tony Clement says that senior public
service managers who find and make cuts will get bigger bonuses, which, of course,
punishes those managers who were running tight ships already. He seems to
forget that he’s already assigned all of the successful cuts to the Deloitte
& Touche consultants they’re paying a hefty fee to. But hey – talking about
bonuses is good messaging, right?  He also, ironically, says that the government will make all information
released through access to information requests publicly available online as a
means of increasing transparency. Good to know.

Lisa Raitt will be referring the potential Air Canada
flight attendants’ strike to the Canada Industrial Relations Board on
“health and safety” grounds (no, seriously), which will stave it off for the
foreseeable future – at least until the House comes back so that
she can introduce her back-to-work legislation.

Remember Bruce Carson, the former PMO staffer
with the former-escort fiancée and dubious water deals? Investigations
have revealed that he charged thousands of dollars worth of personal
expenses to the federally funded think tank he headed after he left the
PMO. Meanwhile, said think tank is suspending most of its programs.

Kady O’Malley looks at the upcoming raft of
private members’ business in its order of precedence (numbers 1 to 10, and 11
to 20

John Baird took a trip to Libya to commit another $10 million in aid for the reconstruction and promotion of democracy

Kathy Dunderdale is the first elected female premier of Newfoundland and Labrador. Also, the Yukon Party won a third
 mandate in that territory's election.

And Egale Canada has curated the speeches in the House last week that dealt with the component of the queer community during
the Liberals’ opposition day motion on suicide prevention.

Up today – while the Whatcott case goes
before the Supreme Court (which yours truly will be covering), the government
is making a series of War of 1812 bicentennial announcements around the

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