Crime in Canada
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Talking points for reassurance

Given the absence of details over just what
the “transformation” of Old Age Security pensions will entail, as hinted at in
Harper’s Davos speech, the Conservatives put out talking points to reassure people
that they’re not going to touch anyone currently receiving benefits. I feel
reassured already!

They also put out talking points to warn
about “foreign radicals” trying to derail the Northern Gateway pipeline
approvals process – except that all of the groups they listed are actually
Canadian. Oops. The groups, however, are using the added attention and pressure
for their own fundraising, and it’s been lucrative for them. Oops again.

reminder about the Public Appointments
Secretariat, which has no commissioner and is still a quasi-functional office
set up by this government that is doing nothing.

The RCMP has apologized for not catching
serial killer Robert Pickton sooner.

Aaron Wherry talks to Brian Topp about
centrism, taxation and international examples the NDP should be looking at.

And the Royal Canadian Air Force was pleased with the overwhelmingly positive coverage of Prince William’s “Waterbird”
test flight last summer in one of our Sea King helicopters.

Up this weekend: there’s some hockey thing
going on in town, but Sunday there is an official NDP leadership debate
happening in Halifax, which you can be sure I’ll be tuning in to watch.

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