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Tattoos…and shattoos

I spent this fine afternoon lounging in a chair at Sacred Heart Tattoos on Davie Street…it was part-two of a three-part saga to get my left half-sleeve finished. The good news: I am almost done. The bad news: it was all blood and sweat in a swampy studio for three hours. All this needle stabbing combined with the impending Decadence Ball tomorrow night reminded me of a photo my buddy Ciaran sent me yesterday:

That Bea Arthur has some crazy bedroom eyes in this one. (and in case you were wondering, no, these aren't my legs and no, I did not get a Stay Gold tattoo on my arm…though totally wish I did)

That said, I am dedicating the photo to Brandon Gaukel, one of the Decadence Ball judges tomorrow night. If you want to know why, you will have to come to the ball. Here's the info: