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Tattoos and yodellers

Anatomy: Muscle, Skin, Heart is a three-part series showing at the DOXA Documentary Film Festival on May 15.

One of several DOXA films with gay content, Anatomy examines the relationship between tattoo artist Ex de Medici and Geoff Ostling, a gay man in the leather community whose body has been etched with a tapestry of flowers by Ex’s needles and ink. The film charts their journey as Ostling’s body suit is completed after 25 years.

Now entirely tattooed, Ostling is forced to confront his mortality as he and Ex undertake to have his skin preserved and exhibited after he dies.
Meanwhile, Winnipeg-born director Leanne Pooley’s film The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls is the story of singing, dancing and yodelling lesbian twin sisters from New Zealand. The film covers Lynda and Jools Topp’s entertainment career, as well as their activism on gay rights, Maori rights and nuclear disarmament.