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Team Vancouver bursaries

Team Vancouver introduced bursaries Apr 5 for athletes who would like to compete in this summer’s Gay Games or Outgames but can’t afford it.

“It’s expensive to go to the games, no matter where they are,” says Team Vancouver president Glenn MacDonald. From travel costs to accommodation, to registration and uniform fees-“it becomes a financial obstacle for a lot of people. So this is a way to help out.”

The bursaries, totalling about $6,000, will come from three sources: Team Vancouver, Luxy Bistro on Davie St, and Pat Hogan’s Sounds & Furies Productions. The Team Vancouver bursaries will be open to all gay, lesbian and transgendered athletes bound for either Chicago or Montreal’s games this July.

The Luxy fund will cover one athlete’s travel, accommodation, uniform and registration expenses for the Outgames in Montreal. And the Sounds & Furies bursary will subsidize female athletes headed for either event.

Luxy Bistro “came to us,” says MacDonald, pleased with the support.

“That’s what I wanted to do for the longest time,” says Luxy co-owner Peyman Jafari. “Luxy Bistro has been a part of the LGBT community for many years and we would like to give something back to the community. We can appreciate the hard work and dedication it takes to achieve our goals and dreams. Sometimes a little outside help is all one needs to reach them.”

To apply for one of the bursaries, go to: Deadline to apply is May 15.