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Team/Équipe comes back

Athletes sign up for Montreal games

In just a few short weeks, Team/Équipe has come back from the grave and looks to be ready to show Ottawa’s colours at the Outgames in Montreal.

Response from the community has been overwhelming, says organizer Tony Do. “Everyone already wanted to order the T-shirts and give us their size and everything, so it’s been a very positive response.”

With a logo decided upon, the Inn on Somerset actually fronted the money for the T-shirts so the organizers wouldn’t have to pay in advance out of their own pockets. Those T-shirts will be available for athletes to pick up at the Inn on Somerset, After Stonewall, Venus Envy and Capital Xtra for $15 apiece.

So far, Do and the organizers have received over 30 responses based on the initial contact, but there are still several individuals on each of the teams that have yet to respond. They are also well on the way to building their contact lists to maintain a unified sports community within the city once the Outgames have ended.

Team/Équipe is also planning two get-togethers for the athletes — a kick-off party in Ottawa before the games, and one in Montreal on Mon, Jul 31 (both still being finalized). Thanks to Do and his fellow organizers, Ottawa will have a visible presence in Montreal after all.