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This year’s Northbound Leather fetish fashion show blends technology and sex

This year’s Northbound Leather fetish fashion show blends technology and sex. Credit: xtra

Northbound Leather’s 17th annual fetish fashion show and BDSM party will focus on how technology has changed the way people date and screw. Appropriately named ikink, the night features 25 models acting out a series of scenes based on the theme, beginning with a couple who lie about their assets while writing their online dating profiles.

Filmmaker Carolyn Kelly is producing the event for the fourth year in a row. “Nobody meets up the old-fashioned way, like at a bar or through a friend,” Kelly says. “It’s all about using apps and websites.” 

The event won’t be as shocking as in previous years — there won’t be flesh hooks or live crucifixions — but it will be just as sexy and enjoyable. The featured clothing is all by Northbound Leather’s in-house designer, Cheryl Kocot. “She’s been working with some of the leather boys in the community to find out what works for them — zippers in one area are generally not very pleasant!” Kelly says. Many of the pieces will later be available at Northbound Leather. 

The fashion show will end with a dance number from Canadian comedian and actor Winston Spear. “He is performing a piece he choreographed just for ikink,” Kelly says. “It’s all about where the future will take you after dating via apps and sites has become obsolete.” 

Immediately following the fashion show, the stage will be cleared and kinky folk can dance until dawn to the music of DJ Jimi LaMort or spend time getting naughty in a well-equipped two-floor dungeon overlooking the lake. “One floor is men only, and the other is more mixed,” Kelly says. “It’s also very trans-friendly; if you identify as male, you can go into the male-only dungeon space.”