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Teenage PrEP, Turnbull and taking the stage

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A bottle of Truvada, the brand-name PrEP drug used to prevent HIV transmission, is displayed at a pharmacy in California in 2010. Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Study: PrEP works for teens

An American study has shown that PrEP is safe and effective for adolescent boys, as well as adults. Three boys in the study did become infected with HIV after taking PrEP far less frequently than prescribed, suggesting teens may need more supervision. [Reuters]

Rallies and government support in Australia

Tens of thousand rallied in Sydney on Sunday to support same-sex marriage rights ahead of an anticipated postal ballot. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull also threw his weight behind equal marriage, despite a lukewarm history of political action.

Trans activists disrupt US Conference on AIDS

Trans activists took over the stage at the US Conference on AIDS to call for more focus on underrepresentation of trans voices at the conference. [My Fabulous Disease]

Sri Lanka government quashes gay rights talk

A member of the Sri Lankan cabinet says the government will resist legalization of abortion or any LGBT rights in the country. The Catholic Church has pushed back against some legislators’ attempts to discuss abortion and LGBT rights. [The Colombo Gazette]

UK anti-LGBT hate crimes rise

A study from Stonewall, a UK LGBT charity, shows hate crimes in the UK have risen 78 percent in the past five years. Activists say the study shows the country has far to go, despite recent legal strides for gay rights. [Sky News]