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Tel Aviv, Pride and the colour of night

I just found out about this video. How come no one CCed me! Back in June, some queers took to St Catherine's in the village to make an action against Unity's CELEBRATE TEL-AVIV PRIDE party. This was a week after "Israeli Defence Forces boarded and violently attacked an aid flotilla in international waters, killing nine civilians and injuring many others, and in the more general context of which the Palestinian people have, for the past 60 years, been fighting against checkpoints, house demolitions, unequal access to basic rights like health care, clean water and education, political and military repression, land confiscation, the apartheid wall — and the list goes on.
In solidarity with a growing queer opposition to Israel's attempt to brand itself as a liberal democracy that is friendly to queers while it continues to oppress an entire people whose land it has been occupying for more than half a century and with queers in Toronto who were fighting against Toronto Pride's attempts to censor their message of Palestinian solidarity by banning the use of the words "Israeli Apartheid" from the entire festival, a group of Montreal queers took to Montreal's gay village and held an impromptu street dance party directly outside of Club Unity in protest." Here's the video remix that came out of it. Go team.

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