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Temporary pornography

This winter I volunteered at a slumber-party-themed sex event in Montreal called Against the Wall. It was organized by my friend Rodrigo Diaz Llamas.
Not only was it the perfect opportunity to sport my adorable dinosaur pajamas in public, I also got to witness what I consider to be the most innovative genre of porn since Manroulette. It’s called live-feed porn. 
Against the Wall allows people to hang out clothed or naked, dance to great music, make out, fuck, watch each other fuck and even become temporary pornstars.
The space is divided into separate rooms: a dancefloor, a lounge area, a sex room and a dungeon. Porn is projected on a big screen overlooking the dancefloor. Now I’m sure you’ve all been to bars that play porn, but this is different because the action is streamed live from either the on-site sex room or dungeon.
Safety, respect and consent are huge considerations at the event. Each person who attends, including the volunteers and organizers, must present photo ID and sign an agreement that outlines the rules for participation.
Anyone at the event can decide to perform as a pornstar, creating their own kind of scene. You can close the door or leave it open and allow other people to join or watch as the scene is shot. An event volunteer will video your scene or you can decide to leave the camera mounted on a tripod.
Llamas says a lot of people feel more comfortable being watched on video than having sex live in front of a crowd. That said, if you are being videotaped, many more people will be watching, since the images are projected over the dancefloor. People most likely feel more comfortable on video because it’s fleeting, like performance art. The scene is projected but is not recorded. Taking your own photos or video at the event is forbidden, so you don’t have to worry about your butt ending up on Xtube without your say-so. In fact, attendees are sworn to secrecy even about the names of those who perform once they leave the event. What happens at Against the Wall stays at Against the Wall.
Llamas describes the content as anything from drag strip-shows to orgies. He says some people bring pre-made porn that fits with the night’s theme, which is played in between the live-feed porn segments. Occasionally there are photo booths in which you can be photographed doing naughty things and have the photos emailed to you later.
The next Against the Wall is scheduled for Friday, Aug 12. It’s the event’s three-year anniversary, so the theme is Birthday Party. The events are private, but if you want more details visit againstthewallmontreal to find out how to become a member. If you happen to be in Montreal on Aug 12, check it out. Hell, you may even catch my own porn debut.