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Ten questions with Seth Fornea and Jared LeBlanc

The ridiculously hot go-go boys get sexy in our exclusive Q&A

Seth Fornea and his boyfriend Jared LeBlanc have made names for themselves by shaking what their mommas gave them all over America. They are go-go boys with heart — and a lot of ass — and they’ll be dancing and performing at Fit Primpin’ during Toronto Pride. Daily Xtra got a chance to catch up with the pair and find out what makes this couple so special.

Daily Xtra: You both have pretty amazing butts. What is your number one trick to keeping them in fine form?

Seth Fornea: I do butt [day] twice a week in the gym. Butt day consists of heavy, heavy squats, glute blasters, hip abductors, lunges and a whole bunch of other tricks. Then after I finish working out I effectively “feed my ass” all evening long by eating all the protein I can find. You could certainly shortcut all this with a couple of cans of Fix-A-Flat.

Jared LeBlanc: Similar to Seth, I do legs (including butt) usually once a week in the gym. I don’t go super heavy, but rather choose a weight that I can just squeeze out about 10 reps of. I’m also a fan of jumping exercises. You’ve never seen a ballet dancer who was deficient in that department, and there’s a reason for that.

When go-go dancing or performing, what is the one body part you might sing “Can’t Touch This” about to an admirer?

Fornea: My face. You can put your hands anywhere but covering my face . . . that would just be awkward. Could you imagine someone rubbing money on your face?!

LeBlanc: How much am I being tipped in this scenario?

Back to your butts — have you guys ever eaten breakfast off one another’s bums? Or any meal at all? Maybe used it as a pillow?

Fornea: I routinely use Jared’s butt as a shelf when I need a place to set my glass or something.

LeBlanc: [laughs] No meals. It is a nice pillow though.

What’s your favourite song to work out to at the moment?

Fornea: Madonna’s “Ghosttown (DJ Aron Remix)” and Martin Tungevaag’s “Wicked Wonderland (Extended)” [are] on repeat till death! I actually have two complete music videos planned out in my head for both of these songs and I replay that visual fantasy in my head while listening to them.  

LeBlanc: Everyone always looks at me like I have two heads when I say this, but I don’t work out to music usually. I listen to podcasts and audiobooks. Currently I’m listening to a lecture series on the psychology of human behavior by Professor David Martin, NCSU.

Seth, we read you have a green thumb; do you have a garden? Give us all the dirt.

Fornea: When Jared and I lived in North Carolina I had a huge garden full of trees, bushes, ornamentals, as well as fruit and vegetable-bearing plants. Now, living in an apartment in NYC, I just have a nice selection of houseplants. Some palms, ivy, and cacti.  

Jared, we read that you like to sing. Would you consider yourself a quintuple threat?

LeBlanc: Haha. I don’t consider myself a threat, but yes, I do like to sing. And hopefully some people enjoy it. I’m getting myself back into acting in a more significant way and looking forward to the adventure! If you want to hear some covers I’ve recorded from my home studio, you can visit my SoundCloud.

What is the greatest thing about gay Louisiana, and do you thank your Southern upbringing for your butts?

Fornea: The greatest thing about gay Louisiana is the city of New Orleans. Southern Decadence, a festival that happens every Labor Day in New Orleans, is something everyone should experience. It’s costumes, cocktails and four days of debauchery with thousands of Southern boys coming out of the woodworks of conservative, sexually-repressed places. It makes for a half-naked shit show and it’s amazing.  

LeBlanc: I agree with Seth. South Louisiana is a very unique place with lots of friendly people and great food. We go to New Orleans every year for Halloween also and have a blast! I’m part Cajun French and part Italian by heritage, so while hard work is important, I also don’t deny that genetics has played its part.

What are three things you’ll never eat?

Fornea: Octopus, spiders and worms. And add to that anything that chews like rubber. I don’t like that!

LeBlanc: I love trying new foods, but eating insects as food does kinda weird me out. But hey, never say never, right?

You’ve traveled a lot as dancers. Where is the craziest place you’ve ever danced?

Fornea: Well, I have performed all [over] the USA, Madrid, Spain and Rio De Janeiro. I would definitely say the craziest place I have worked is Oz in New Orleans. Oz was my first gay bar so I have so many “coming out” memories associated with that bar. Jared can attest [that] something happens to me when I get to New Orleans and the crazy just comes out kicking and screaming . . . I like it.

LeBlanc: Haha yes. Seth and Oz have a very unique relationship! It’s been a lot of fun going to so many different cities to meet and work with such fun, creative people. As far as the craziest, at least by most people’s metrics, would be probably the Black Party in NYC.

Speaking of your travels, where’s the craziest place you guys have had sex?

Fornea: I am a very sex-positive person, so I have pretty much tried having sex almost everywhere imaginable. Public bathrooms, porta-Johns, under stadiums, on the beach . . . but I don’t find that to be crazy. I still haven’t had sex on an airplane; that’s on my bucket list!

LeBlanc: I only have hot sex! But yeah, Seth pretty much covered it. Although, I think plane sex would be really awkward, unless it was on a private jet. Now that I could get definitely get into.

Fit Primpin’ with Seth, Jared, and Jay Boogie
Friday, June 26, 2015
Harbourfront Centre, 235 Queens Quay W, Toronto

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