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Ten sexy beach photos at Sugar Beach

Pride Toronto’s Sweetness Pride party provided waves of eye-candy

On Sunday, June 21 2015, men and women in nothing but bathing suits and body oil showed up to celebrate the opening weekend of Toronto Pride at the Sweetness Pride Beach Party. Presented in partnership with WE (We Play) the dance event featured UK drag superstar Jodie Harsh and Tel Aviv beefcake DJ Aron. 

It also featured hundreds of buff bodies. We captured some of our favourites here.

10. This cutie in leopard print.

9. The crew, including DJ and UK queen Jodie Harsh

8. These two femme fatales.

7. This hunk of burning love.

6. Abs.

5. These guys that we’d like to take home and cuddle with in bed all day. All of them.

4. Woof.

3. This crew, taking it easy, lakeside. Please note the crown and the sandals.

2. Our future husbands, in one place!

1. Everything about this man.

Bonus: just because.

(Photos: Kyle Burton/Daily Xtra)