Toronto Diary
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Terrible print ads: the new frontier of homophobia

Over the past week, we’ve seen two weirdly unattached-to-reality print ads going out, claiming that if those terrible, terrible gays have their way, kids will be forced to get sex changes and shack up with same-sex life partners, because as we all know, if you show someone any inkling of kindness, you are obligated to take that kindness to its irrational extreme. Like how if you pass someone the salt, you have to also cook them a five-course meal. See how that works?

Anyway, one thing I noticed is that, on top of two out-of-context scare tactics being used, whoever put the ads together decided to go the old-timey print route. I’m assuming they wanted to replicate the feel of hard-hitting journalism, but thanks to the lack of fact-checking or any sort of self-awareness, the entire thing comes off as something you might read in the Klan newsletter.

But is this some sort of trend? Because I’m gonna be honest, I already throw out most pamphlets. Because any sales pitch that can be condensed into a folded-up glossy thing can best be used as mulch. But you have to hand it to them: after all this talk of cyber-bullying, it’s nice to see them going back to their roots. You know, by being godawful dick-sandwiches in real life. Good for you, assholes.

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