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Texas, a bad doctor and more fake gay twins

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Gay twins billboard backfires again

Last year, an anti-gay group in Kansas erected a billboard showing two identical men, claiming that the differences between gay and straight twins proves that nobody is born gay. The ad backfired when it turned out the stock photo they used was of only one man: he has no twin and is openly gay. Now the man in the photo has struck back with his own billboard, telling his side of the story.

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Doctor refuses to treat baby of lesbian couple

A doctor in Michigan cancelled an appointment and transferred her patients to another doctor to avoid treating the baby of a lesbian couple. When the couple came in for a second appointment, they were told their doctor had “prayed on it” and decided not to treat their baby. Under Michigan law, doctors are permitted to refuse service based on personal moral beliefs.

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First same-sex couple married in Texas

A lesbian couple has received the first legal marriage licence in Texas after a judge ordered the county clerk to issue it. One of the women is in treatment for ovarian cancer and asked the judge for a special waiver to get around the state’s ban on same-sex marriage because of the “irreparable harm” suffered by the couple. The judge agreed, though the ruling does not allow other gay couples to marry.

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Washington florist guilty of discrimination

A florist in Washington State has been found guilty of illegal discrimination for refusing to supply flowers to a gay wedding. The judge ruled that the florist’s “relationship with Jesus” was not a good enough reason to allow discriminatory action and could impose a fine of $2,000 as well as legal fees.

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Ghanaian celebrities speak out against anti-gay violence

Celebrities in Ghana took to social media to protest the beating of a popular media promoter who was accused of being gay. Gay sex is illegal in Ghana, but several celebrities called for legalization after the beating.

Watch at the BBC. 

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