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Texas: School sends lesbian couple mixed messages over enrolment

Director cites religion as prohibiting factor but owner would like family to apply

Lesbian couple Dawn and Tracy Keller say they’ll be looking to enroll their three-year-old son, Landry, in a more welcoming school environment after the director of a Montessori school said she could not allow him entry because of her religious beliefs. Credit:

A lesbian couple in Texas says a Montessori school director told them her religious beliefs prevent her from allowing their son to be enrolled in the program, but a report from an ABC News affiliate says the school’s owner would like the couple to submit an application.

During a tour of the New Beginnings Montessori School in Bedford, Texas, Tracy and Dawn Keller say, they received a positive response after asking if their son, Landry, would be accepted in the school as he has two moms. But Dawn Keller says the school’s director, Shamain Webster, later called to say she couldn’t allow him to be enrolled because it would be against her religion, and “we don’t live that way.”

Webster told WFAA News 8 that the school’s owner, her father, is open to having the couple apply, but the Kellers say they’re going to find a program that will “welcome us just like everybody else.”