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Thank John McCain for your cell phone

Canada never gets credit for creating American institutions like basketball or Superman. Yesterday, a Republican campaign aide waved a BlackBerry (invented in Waterloo, Ontario!) and called it "a miracle made possible by John McCain." Seems that cell phone and wi-fi technology was made possible, McCain claims, "Under my guiding hand…"  This is one of McCain's trickier lies, since we're still not sure if he didn't invent the telegraph!

But who cares? This background video from Madonna's "Sticky and Sweet" tour will apparently hypnotize everyone into voting Obama:

"Transformers" actress Megan Fox reveals that she briefly dated a Russian stripper named Nikita. Half the straight guys in the country suddenly disappear to the bathroom for ten minutes.

Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron unveil their plans for a remarkable 57-story "Jenga" tower in New York City. Oh please, let the Lotto Super 7 hit $33 million…

Gossip blogger Perez Hilton keeps saying he's friends with singer John Mayer but, if so, why's he giving out WAY too much information on him?