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Thank you, ma’am

Behind the scenes with proud pornographer mr Pam

The director and her stars in Wham, Bam, mr Pam.

The trailer for Pink Triangle Press’s documentary about porn director mr Pam.


“Here is a woman, mr Pam, who creates porn for gay men. How great is that? And how does that work?”

Pink Triangle Press director Nicolas Kazamia’s question is the driving force behind Wham, Bam, mr Pam, the Inside Out Film Festival entry about porn director mr Pam. The film takes a peek into the life of what most gay men would agree is a dream job. (The film was produced by Pink Triangle Press, which publishes Xtra.)

“The fact is, for better or worse, porn shapes our expectations and desires of sex,” Kazamia says. “The people who shape those fantasies are not the performers, but the people like mr Pam who create these works.”

She started out as a web designer and later became a film editor at Falcon Studios, but mr Pam has never spent much time in the spotlight.

“I am fascinated by women in the adult film industry who work behind the scenes,” Kazamia says. “Porn is mostly consumed by men and created by men, whether it be gay or straight. Women’s roles are — mostly — in front of the camera, so when you find women creating content it’s quite rare, and so quite compelling.”

And quite lonely. Though mr Pam surrounds herself with people she treats as family, it’s clear that being a woman in such a male-dominated industry takes its toll on her personal and social life. But she faces it all with a smile.

“I genuinely think she’s a great person; she’s complex and funny as fuck, as well as a cheerleader,” Kazamia says. “The fact is, being on a porn set is tedious, and I know people don’t believe this, but it’s pretty dull. It’s work. It’s not erotic at all.

“What was interesting, however, was watching mr Pam direct; her approach was really very much her own. She can swear like a sailor but also coddle the models at the same time. It was pretty remarkable to witness her at work . . . she’s really a sweetheart. I hope that comes across.” ­­