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Thanks for everything

Yes, there's been a lot of doom-and-gloom lately but, after a spree of it on Friday, I promised some happy news and what better day for it than Thanksgiving?  Here are some things on my list:

— I'm thankful for the hundreds of people who turned out to march in a Vancouver anti-violence rally in support of Jordan Smith, who was gaybashed last month. It's horrible to see a hate crime happen in such a gay-friendly city but amazing to see the community step up in response.

— I'm thankful that this is the last day of our annual Canadian federal election campaign. It looks as though Stephen Harper will win but only a minority. Again. I've never been so happy to cheer on the status quo — I feel so Canadian!

— I'm thankful for Gavin Crawford and the '22 Minutes' gang, keeping us sane these last couple weeks!

— I'm thankful that Britney Spears is finally asking herself the question that's been on all our minds for years now: "What the hell was I thinking?" I'm not much of a fan (please don't take away my gay card!) but watching her downward spiral — like that of Amy Winehouse — was just depressing. I'm glad to see Brit back to her skanky self and, better yet, putting the supernaturally good-looking Brandon Staughton in her comeback video:

— I'm thankful that gay couples in Connecticut can now get married. Three states down, 47 to go!

— I'm thankful for you, the kind and curious people who read this blog every day!

— I'm obviously thankful for YouTube and for this cool animated video of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights — underneath all the snark and dick jokes, it's the bedrock for what we do here:

— and finally, I'm thankful that this Green-Day-loving US soldier finally came home from Iraq after 14 months and that his grateful family filmed their dogs' reaction:

Awww, that's just the loveliest thing ever.  Like the song says, I hope your Thanksgiving is terrific (but consider arguing politics with that one right-wing relative for once — you might convince him to give up on Harper)!