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Thanks for the tweet “Senator Mike Duffy”!

This afternoon, @SenatorDuffy tweeted a link to’s story on Harper’s new anti-gay speechwriter!


Alas, it’s not the real Conservative Senator Mike Duffy (PEI’s most expensive senator, says an NDP-produced report.)

If you couldn’t tell by the tiled hamburger background and the black moustache in his profile pic, the @SenatorDuffy Twitter account is a parody. The real Duffy isn’t on Twitter, and if he was, the likelihood of Duffy tweeting an article is about… one in a million.

The CBC reports today that the real Duffy has asked Parliament Hill tech staffers to find a way to remove the fake Twitter account.

As of 8:30pm, @SenatorDuffy is still online — follow him while you can!

Some @SenatorDuffy highlights worth retweeting:  

  • "So my expenses are high. $403,392 per year not including salary. Fill out a comment card and see if I care. #cdnpoli"
  • "off to get my H1N1 shot… safety first #roft #cdnpoli"

  • "speaking at a conference this afternoon on ‘ethics and the media’ #roft #cdnpoli" 

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