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Thanksgiving Pt 2…a thank you from me to the fantastic Xtra! West photographers

Lastly, I would like to thank the many photographers at Xtra! West
who travel around Vancouver to bring you the sexy spreads displayed in
the "Out in the City" section. They are the people of the people and
help show the Vancouver Queer Community what it wants to see: hot
people doing hot things in not a lot clothing (AMEN!) – they also
occasionally have to spend a whole night with me (pity them, as they
are not even paid to be in my company…alas)

Take freelance photographer Brandon Gaukel
for example. He's had the misfortune to work two nights with me, but
his photos are so damn good, I wanted to take the time to thank him.
Check out for more of his work. And if you missed my recent print columns, here's a Brandon Gaukel photo from the Mr.Gay Canada contest:

And here's two Brandon Gaukel's from Highschool Confidential with the jaw-dropping VaVa Vunderbust:

In the past I've featured Rosamund Norbury's shot from Boy George night and her site.

In the future I would like to feature Tallulah Photography and the lovely Tallulah's trials and tribulations with me (since there have been many)

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving!