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That homophobic Starbucks boycott is going about as well as you’d think

So, remember when Starbucks pledged its support for equal rights, and then the National Organization for Marriage tried to create a boycott of the company’s shops, and then baristas everywhere presumably went, “Ha! Good luck with that, bitch,” and then went back to making $5 mugs of hot milk for everyone in America? Well, turns out NOM’s boycott actually did manage to accomplish something: Starbucks’ stock has actually increased since the group of fanatical yahoos announced that God hates fraps.

Some people might be surprised by this, since the only thing hate groups are good for is comedic fodder. That being said, if three years of comedy writing has taught me anything, it’s that there is HUGE money in mocking the stupid. Nowadays, if you really want to make money, you either have to exploit the stupid or mock them relentlessly. If you can piss off that many dipshit fuckwits in one fell swoop, you’re doing something right.

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