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The 519 holds focus groups

Building new website and logo

The 519 community centre will be holding community focus groups on Tue, Mar 3 to seek input on a new logo and website redesign for the organization.

The focus groups will be open to everybody, says executive director Maura Lawless.

“We’ve undertaken a process to redevelop our website and logo,” she says. “We’ve started the process internally with our board, dreaming about what the website could be. We’re looking at creating an online community centre.

“Because we’re a community organization we felt it was important to do a lot of community consultation. We want people to share their ideas and thoughts, in particular on the website. We’re hoping the website will become much more user-friendly.”

Lawless says the goal is to allow users to access much more information about programs and resources online and to eventually reach a national and international audience. She says the aim is to have a redesigned site launched in time for Pride of this year.

“For us this is a brainstorming session,” says Lawless. “We’re looking for folks who have favourite websites, favourite logos or favourite colours.”

Lawless says the centre is also aiming to have the entire building reopened for Pride. The 519 has been undergoing extensive renovations for some time.

“We’re trying to be substantially completed by Pride,” she says. “It’s an old, old building. Those repairs are taking a bit of time but we’re pretty hopeful that we’ll be ready to go by Pride.”

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