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The 519 launches its first-ever DJ search

Your vote for your favourite local DJ could get them a prime-time spot on the TreeHouse WorldPride stage

Neill Macleod, Deko-ze, Alessandro, Sumation and Mark Falco are all competing in The 519’s local DJ search. Credit: Darryl Mabey

The search is on! The 519’s Green Space Festival has announced its first-ever online DJ search for the 2014 WorldPride TreeHouse Party.  

“Over the past seven years, we built the success of this festival with the tremendous help of many local DJs,” says Mathieu Chantelois, honorary chair of the Green Space Festival. “It’s time to give back to them. This summer, with WorldPride being in Toronto, we have a great opportunity to showcase not only our city and our community, but also our local talent. By the end of the celebrations, thousands of international travellers will know that Toronto is home to some of the greatest DJs on the planet. It’s the opportunity to put our local talents on the map — majorly!”

Traditionally, the organizers reserve coveted time slots on Pride Sunday for guest DJs with international acclaim. This contest changes everything. DJs Alessandro, Deko-ze, Mark Falco, Neill Macleod and Sumation are the contestants vying for the opportunity to get a prime-time slot at the renowned TreeHouse Party,which will be held Sunday, June 29 at the Ryerson Quad.

“This could be a life-changing experience for the winning DJs,” Chantelois says. “We are taking this very seriously, and in order to make the right decision, we are asking all of our Green Space lovers for their help.”

Organizers extended this opportunity to five DJs they felt would best represent Toronto and the community. The online contest will determine which of the five will win the coveted TreeHouse Party gig. The runner-up will be given the opportunity to share the stage with some amazing DJs and producers and to spin at One World, Where the Wild Things Are, on Friday, June 27, at The 519 Green Space.

People are invited to cast their vote on Facebook now. The winner will be the DJ whose published image generates the most activity (shares and likes) on Facebook by Wednesday, May 7, 2014, at 5pm (EST). Fans will be able to like and share the original image of their favourite DJ from the official Green Space Toronto Facebook page in an attempt to push their pick to the top. Sharing without forwarding the original posting from the event’s Facebook page will not count toward the DJ’s total score. The totals for each DJ as shown on the Green Space on Church Facebook page will be final.