Toronto Diary
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The All-Hamilton Edition. No Really, Keep Reading.

Ontarians were treated to one political surprise after another this weekend, after PC leader John Tory lost his bid for a seat at Queen’s Park in the by-election in a race no one expected him to lose, and then Hamilton Centre MPP Andrea Horwath won the leadership of the Provincial NDP in a race no one knew was even happening.

The Toronto Star’s national politics columnist Chantal Hebert has already equated Horwath’s electoral prospects to those of the female leaders of the BC NDP and the Parti Quebecois — you know, relevant parties. But hey, it’s not like she’s ever been wrong. In a slightly less baffling comparison, Torontoist compares Horwath’s name to that of the school where Harry Potter learned magic.

Horwath has spoken positively to Xtra about queer issues, and yet doesn’t resort to kid gloves as she lays the smack down on openly gay infrastructure minister George Smitherman over the latest scandal at Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp.  

That probably doesn’t impress gay Hamilton-area Young Liberal Paulo Senra, who blogs about NDP hypocrisy on the federal budget (his word choice, not mine).

And just to prove it’s not all politics and mill closures in our sister city around the lake, this weekend also saw the inaugural Hamilton Gay Top Model Competition. Congratulations to David, the most attractive queen who hasn’t yet escaped Hamilton.

(Normal Toronto-related service will return to the Diary on Thursday.)