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The assassination of Glenn Beck

FOX News loudmouth Glenn Beck routinely spits out hateful rhetoric on his TV and radio shows but, in "celebrating" the birthday of gay US Democratic congressman Barney Frank yesterday, Beck was literally spitting:

Classy as ever.  But in a pleasing twist, Beck has become such a douchebag that even his fellow FOX colleagues are disowning him:

And all that was merely a prelude to the ultimate takedown:  Stephen Colbert took out his scalpel and began cutting.  The results were glorious!

Irrational attention-seeking idealogues like Beck and Rush Limbaugh aren't going away anytime soon but the hope is that their screaming can be kept to a dull whine so that quieter, more reasonable voices can be heard — like our own Kathy Lynn, who has some thoughtful advice for the parents of a possibly gay boy.  

Imagine those parents asking Glenn Beck for advice — they'd have to bring extra buckets.