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The best of Jesse Santana

ADORABLE TWUNK. That's half-twink, half-hunk, a good description of porn star Jesse Santana, who clearly loves his work. Credit:

Bet you didn’t know they did Greatest Hits for porn stars. But if anyone deserves the Best Of treatment, it’s Jesse Santana.

The adorable twunk (that’s half-twink, half-hunk) has pulled in eight award nominations in less than four years.

He managed to secure two simultaneous exclusive contracts, one for DVDs with Jet Set, the other for web content with He was even chosen for CockyBoys’ first international production, a partnership with Eastern Euro powerhouse Bel Ami. He’s also a total charmer and heartbreaker.

This DVD collects seven (yes, seven) of his best scenes filmed for Jet Set. Though he’s certainly capable as a top, and his partners love his eight-inch stiffy, just watch his movies and it’s clear that getting fucked up the ass is his true passion.

The first scene in this collection, from Ass Cruisin’ (a movie I’ve rapturized about before), focuses directly on Jesse’s perfectly formed buns, as Aaron James and Rod Daily slurp and fondle and adore that beautiful booty. “Oh, fuck harder, pound my ass,” he pants, as Daily goes to work.

Jesse’s award-winning threesome from Just Add Water is here too, featuring our hero topping and bottoming with equal vigour. Does it make it better or worse that convicted hitman Nickolay Petrov is the one to screw him silly?

One of the most out-of-this-world hot moments I’ve ever seen comes from the very clever movie The F Word, a porn parody of that whole Isaiah Washington faggot-flinging fiasco from 2006.

Santana plays a reporter and when he and his source (and real-life boyfriend) Guy Parker seal the deal they both have to stifle the ecstatic gasps and moans as they shoot massive loads over each other, to avoid being discovered by others nearby. Seriously, those few seconds are burned on my memory for years to come.

Two other scenes come from Jet Set Fraternity Gang Bang 2 — a title almost as long as its star’s penis.

In the first, Santana is “forced” to give it up for Tyler Saint; he’s said in interviews that this wasn’t just an assigned pairing — it was real sex that he wanted and thoroughly enjoyed.

And when it comes to hazing, he’s even happier. Just watch his big hard-on flopping around while he gets nailed by no less than six guys in an astonishing 50-minute scene. This is one porn star who definitely loves his work.

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