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The best part of the holiday flu

Judging by many of my friends’ Facebook statuses, I’m not the only one suffering through the holiday flu.

For me, it began on Dec 27 and just now appears to be petering out. Being camped out on the couch and consuming nothing but orange juice and bananas is not how I pictured spending my holidays. The realization that I wouldn’t be going out on New Year’s Eve was a crushing blow, until I remembered that two of my favourite people in the world would be broadcasting live from Times Square.

Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin’s annual New Year’s Eve show is something I would usually watch weeks later on YouTube. But this year I caught it live and was not disappointed. From Griffin attempting to simulate oral on Cooper to drag queen Sushi telling Cooper how proud she is of him for coming out, the show definitely made my year.
Watch a clip below — and happy new year.

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