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The best video of a transphobic d-bag getting owned you’ll see all day

All right, I need to preface this post with a little foreward just to maintain some sort of credibility. We don’t condone using violence as a means of confronting hatred. That being said, I’d be lying if I said my spirits weren’t lifted just a teensy bit watching this video of a trans woman pretty much annihilating a transphobic douchebag who bullied her in a New York City train terminal.

TOSSED LIKE A RAG DOLL for TRYIN’ IT! from Milan Blanco on Vimeo.

Look, we could go into some whole spiel about how violence is never the answer (even when we feel the use of violence would be justified and SO FUCKING AWESOME, as in the case above) and all that other stuff, but instead, I’m going to focus on bullies who, like the asshole in this video, start the bullshit that inevitably leads to them having their asses handed to them.

Don’t do it. 

All bullies operate on the belief that they need to exert their power in a way to make it seem like they are the most powerful. It’s something I’m absolutely sure plenty of queer kids have seen in their lives, as evidenced by the lack of GSAs in certain schools. But here’s the thing: eventually, bullies are going to try and pick on someone who is more powerful than they are and has zero interest in their bullshit. It’s at this point they’ll realize they’ve lost. They didn’t lose the moment someone refused to feed into their delusions: they lost the moment they thought they could pick on someone they perceived as weaker than them.

Consider this a publice service message to the transphobes and other bullies of their ilk out there. Eventually, you’re going to fuck with the wrong person. And you’re going to realize that it totally wasn’t worth it. Not just because being hateful to an entire group of people is morally reprehensible, but also because they’re completely capable of kicking your ass.

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