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The Bible revisited

Cliché as God's queer revelation

There’s no doubt that The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told is titillating gay men to their theatre seats with a big warning that would put a cigarette package to shame. “Warning,” the ads state, “adult themes, coarse language and nudity.”

All the naked publicity bearing two men and an apple suggests something better than a 1-900 number.

Written by Paul Rudnick, the play’s previous run off-Broadway was something of a cause célèbre. But this production by TAGLARC (Toronto Area Gay And Lesbian Association For Recreation And Culture), directed by Kevin Sheard, packs almost every gay and lesbian cliché imaginable into its two-hour performance.

The whole tour of the Bible, from Adam and Steve to the exodus from Egypt, feels so colour-by-numbers that it comes off as an XXX version of a kindergarten pageant.

On the other hand, the lesbians are funny. Lesley Hibberd (as Jane) and Andrea Scott (Mable) give fine performances. The Pharaoh (played by Francisco Freitas) also does a pretty groovy dance and cracks off a couple of bang-on one-liners.

There are moments when the writing is clever and the comedy is gratifying. The first half of the play moves gaily along at a healthy comedic clip. It is much stronger than the second half lacks momentum.

Ultimately, there isn’t much new here; but it is certainly not a dull play.

Silly? Yes. Corny? Maybe. But the audience had a good time, indulging in the whimsical fun of a gay, Biblical history that could have been.