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The Blitz book club: Disco Bloodbath

"I’m getting away with murder, and you’re just jealous!"

In honour of Party Monster at the Rio featuring original club kid James St. James, the Blitz book of the month is James’ true crime gritty glam masterpiece Disco Bloodbath, on which the movie starring Macaulay Culkin was based. 

Warhol has just died, bringing a New York era to a close, and an ambitious queen named Michael Alig is new in town, determined to redefine partying and make himself a star in the process. 

The memoir captures a moment in NYC and party history that was equally amazing and terrifying. The club kids are unapologetic and damaged characters who made legendary nightclub Limelight their holy place (fitting, since it was formerly a church), where the body of Christ is made of ketamine, His blood is heroin, and everyone is devoted. 

Fast paced, witty, shocking – Disco Bloodbath gives unprecedented insight into the lives of the kids who just “want to sleep all day and party all night", and who defined a culture in the process. 

Money, success, fame, and glamour is just the beginning. Include vanity, self-destruction and murder to the mix and you have a book that takes you back to the party daze without leaving the house.

Check out the next Blitz & Shitz in Xtra, out July 31, for my interview with James St. James!