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The Blue Boy Club, online threats and the chief executive

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Malaysian police raid gay bar

Police in Malaysia raided a gay club that has operated for decades in Kuala Lumpur, while a government official said the raid was an attempt to stop “LGBT culture from spreading into our society.” [Out in Perth]

100 march in Odesa Pride

Under heavy police guard, a small crowd of queer activists marched through the major Ukrainian city of Odesa over the weekend, meeting only light resistance from nationalist counter protesters. [Kyiv Post]

Austrian official disciplined over gay refugee case

An Austrian immigration official who rejected an Afghan refugee fleeing persecution because he didn’t appear visibly gay enough has been disciplined, the country’s asylum authority says. [Associated Press]

Hong Kong chief executive dodges LGBT questions

Despite a flood of questions about sexual minority rights, Hong Kong’s chief executive failed to answer even one during a live question and answer session on Sunday, prompting protest from activist groups. [Hong Kong Free Press]

Oklahoma family raises money to flee over threats to trans child

After other parents at an Oklahoma school posted threats online to a transgender girl, the girl’s family is raising money to flee the town. [Them]