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The bottoming of Billy Bronco

Porn star says he's basically a wallflower with a foreskin fetish


At first glance, the cast of TV’s The Apprentice and Toronto porn actor Billy Bronco wouldn’t have much in common, but they actually share a similar aspiration.

They both want to make the jump from reality to scripted entertainment.

But whereas Omarosa remains mired in reality television (she recently put the fear in Fear Factor) Bronco-a reality porn website staple-has just made Pleasure Inn, his first feature-length adult DVD.

Calling himself a “model of sorts,” the 25-year-old Bronco (“If you’ve seen me work you know the name fits,” he laughs) sees working in porn-reality-based or dramatic-as “a respectable job that doesn’t conflict with my goals in life.”

Bronco is blessed with what he describes as “the looks of a twink but not the personality. I’m basically a wallflower [with] a foreskin fetish.”

He started off whacking off in two-hour lops for online porn shows in his spare time. “It’s fun and easy to do,” he says, “and the pig customers usually get reamed out by the nice ones.”

After a four-year break from the industry, he got a nine-to-five job as an accounts payable coordinator for a big company by day (“It was fun,” he says) and stripped at night which was “fun too! It doesn’t involve as much work as online solos and you get to see the people watching.”

When day and night collided, Bronco chose the pole over the calculator. (He still does, recently winning a strip contest at Numbers. “They don’t have a pole there,” he says. “Not too much to work with but a floor and a stool, but I enjoyed myself!”)

Last summer, he started working with no less than the Pornducer himself, director André Tardif (Alex & Bruno, Northern Exposures and Canadian Cruising).

The two men have mutual admiration for each other. Bronco says the Toronto- and Montreal-based Tardif is “easy to work with and fun to hang out with afterwards.” Tardif says the Toronto native is the one actor he’s worked with the most in the last ten years.

But their opinions differ when it comes to Vancouver men.

Tardif, who solicits models through his website,, says local guys are puritanical tire-kickers. They’ll do “all sorts of things behind closed doors and nothing in front of the camera.”

Bronco, however, thinks “Vancouver men are pretty nice and way more promiscuous than I thought. I hear about a lot of sex parties going on,” he says before adding, “I had one last night!”

Bronco has starred in 30-something episodes of Tardif’s reality porn website (in which he and another guy wander the streets with Tardif in tow, pick up a third guy and talk him into letting them fuck him), plus a half-dozen episodes of its buddy site, (in which he and another guy wander the streets with Tardif in tow, pick up a third guy and talk him into letting them moisturize him).

“It’s hit and miss,” Bronco says of the hook-up lottery. “Sometimes it’s work and sometimes it’s fun-but you always get paid.”

The advantage of reality porn-once you’re sure that “store names and the general public are kept out of the shot,” Bronco says-is its rolling-camera approach to sex.

“I prefer it because there isn’t a lot of stop and go. I’m pretty good at winging it with improvisation.”

Checking into Pleasure Inn required a different kind of reality check.

“There’s a lot of stop-and-go,” Bronco says of making the two-hour DVD about the horny hijinks between the toy- and orgy-loving guests and managers of a bed and breakfast (actually the five-star Cawthra Square B&B in Toronto’s gay village).

Not having “really stuck with anyone for the last four years,” did Bronco do any research to play the sex-fiend boyfriend of the Pleasure Inn’s owner? “Oh no,” he laughs. “I make a great boyfriend-unconditional love and no compromises.”

Strrretching himself as a performer, Pleasure Inn is also the first time Bronco bottoms on-screen.

“A lot of people think I’m a bottom but it’d be rare that I bottom,” he says. “I’m comfortable with it as long as it’s safe and with a condom. A lot of people insist I top because I’m so good at it. But I felt comfortable with [co-star Ricardo Dias] and my character was a bottom. It was in the story line.”

With bottoming behind him, next up for Bronco is another installment of His First Huge Cock and a few more First Facials. “I think we’re doing a pretty good job of keeping it interesting,” he says.

“My big dream,” he notes, “is to do a porno with Bel Ami.

“But that’s not realistic,” he explains with a laugh. “I’m not Czech.”