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Bisexual former Congresswoman Katie Hill is still battling biphobia

Former Congresswoman Katie Hill
Former Congresswoman Katie Hill Credit: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite; Francesca Roh/Xtra

In this week’s Rainbow Votes 2020, Xtra’s U.S. political correspondent Nico Lang looks at a tale of two rival parties and their conventions—and just how much Donald Trump is up against this time around.

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“Diversity is not just nice to have—this is life or death”

Malcolm Kenyatta made history as the first Black LGBTQ2 keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention last week. One week later, he chats with Lang about why Joe Biden’s empathy makes him a successful leader, and why the Democratic Party needs more diversity. “Sometimes we talk about representation like a feel-good thing, but there’s great research that diverse organizations make better decisions,” Kenyatta says. “So it’s not just nice to have—this is life or death.”

Katie Hill is not done yet

Lang also speaks to former Congresswoman Katie Hill, who resigned after nude photos of her were leaked online by her estranged husband and recently published a memoir about her experiences. Hill chats with Lang about the hypersexualization of bisexuality, sexism on Capitol Hill and what’s next for her political career.


The major story of the 2020 elections continues to be whether or not Americans will be able to vote in it. As President Trump continues to go on the attack against mail-in voting during the pandemic—which he has falsely claimed will lead to widespread fraud—he has threatened to veto a bill passed by the House that would provide $25 billion in aid to the embattled U.S. Postal Service. Trump, perhaps seeing few other paths to victory, has openly admitted that he opposes the relief package because he believes that expanding voting access favours Democrats.

Gifs and Gaffes

Former first lady Michelle Obama speaks the truth—and claps back at Trump—at the Democratic National Convention.

Michelle Obama during the Democratic National Convention, saying,

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