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The Brightest Star Under the Rainbow

Housekeeping first: 

1) So Lindsay Lohan was sentenced yesterday for some not-so-alleged substance abuse. She is an inspiration to me. No matter how low I sink, I can always sink lower. Rock bottom has never looked so mediocre!

2) If you're the type of queer who has feelings instead of a black hole where your feelings should be, good for you! It's a sign that you're still alive. Congratulations. The organizers for this year's Spiritual Pathways of Same-Sex Love Workshop on Cortez keep writing to ask me to write about their workshop. I figure they haven't actually read anything I post here, otherwise they would know that: a) I don't have a heart and b) I don't have a soul. 

In other news: if you haven't heard, the folks at Tourisme Montreal are cooking up quite the summer 2010 to-do.

That's right. Queer of the Year. It's open to the entire world, too. And after Tourisme Montreal taunted yours truly on Twitter and Facebook to submit a video, I did. They asked for it, so I'm asking you, Up Your Alley reader, to vote for me and give Tourisme Montreal what they asked for.

As thanks, if I end up going to Montreal for Pride, I promise to video blog the whole shebang for you. Salacious, sexy, inappropriately touching video blogging. Guaranteed.

Now, the secondary purpose is to get you to make a video yourself. The contest closes on July 15th. And our community is diverse, which means the more voices in this competition the better.

Though if you don't want to make a video and would rather vote for me, I totally understand.

Here's my entry! Good luck!

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