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The bullying vacuum

When Bill 13 passed, obviously we knew that there was going to be some opposition. This is just what happens when the government creates new parameters: not everyone is going to deal so well with following the new rules. And sometimes people just read a liiiiiiittle bit too far into things.

In the wake of Bill 13’s passing, certain Christian groups are worried that the lack of anti-LGBT bullying in schools will result in anti-Christian bullying. Which, if you think about it, would kind of defeat the purpose of an anti-bullying bill. Via LifeSiteNews

The issue of Christian children being bullied was brought to the attention of board members during a meeting Monday evening. Father Geoffrey Korz, Dean of Ontario for the Orthodox Church in America, and General Secretary of the Pan-Orthodox Association of Greater Hamilton, told an HWDSB committee that according to Statistics Canada, hate-motivated attacks against traditional religious groups increased by 55% over the past two years.

“As you know, this Board pioneered anti-bullying initiatives arising out of its Equity Policy, as far back as 2007, long before Ontario’s Bill 13. Yet the Board has concentrated almost all its efforts on only one identified group, that is self-identified LGBT students. Why was this group selected?” he said.

Critics have charged that Bill 13, billed by legislators as a general “anti-bullying” measure, had clear ulterior motives, as evidenced by its hyper-focus on students who identify as “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, two-spirited, intersex, queer and questioning (LGBTTIQ)”.

I like the way this was written without a trace of irony. 

Look, I know there’s still some animosity between the religious and the LGBTs because of a few Bible verses, but the point of Bill 13 is to help eliminate bullying, rather than simply replacing one form with another. You don’t get rid of a cavity by drilling the fucker out and filling in the gap with cotton candy, so why would you get rid of bullying by telling kids it’s not okay to harrass gay people but that Christians are still on the table?

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