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The Burgess brothers play hard to end homophobia

The Burgess brothers like to play hard . . .

Almost as hard as George Burgess is in those flawless nude selfies that leaked last year.

At the time of the leak, Chris Smith, the host of Australian morning show Sunrise, said that if George wasn’t careful he’d end up off the rugby field and unable to get a job anywhere but at a gay bar.

But maybe he wouldn’t mind! According to his twin Tom and his brother Sam of the South Sydney Rabbitohs, they are “passionate” about gay rights because of all of their gay friends.

The brothers have made a video about homophobia and sports, encouraging people to tell their stories and take a 10-minute survey on the Out on the Fields website, “the first international study on homophobia in sports.”

Check out them warning you to take the survey, or else . . .