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The Canada Day round-up

I hope you all enjoyed your Canada Day. Here's the round-up, starting with the Queen’s speech:

Prime Minister, Minister, distinguished guests, fellow Canadians,
Aujourd’hui, partout au pays, des Canadiens se réunissent pour célébrer l’histoire du Canada, son identité et ses réalisations. À mon avis, il n’y a pas meilleure raison de célébrer.  Thank you for inviting Prince Philip and me to join you all on this special day.
During my lifetime, I have been a witness to this country for more than half its history since Confederation.  I have watched with enormous admiration how Canada has grown and matured while remaining true to its history, its distinctive character and its values.
This nation has dedicated itself to being a caring home for its own, a sanctuary for others and an example to the world.  Nous venons tout juste de voir des images des Forces canadiennes, des diplomates, et des
travailleurs humanitaires à l’œuvre dans le monde entier, apportant leur soutien et leur aide à autrui.  These commitments, often in dangerous and hostile circumstances, are undertaken with the support and respect of us all.
At home, Canadians have many reasons for optimism, even in trying times. The recent success of the Vancouver Olympics was about more than just the thrill of a gold medal for Canada's hockey team.  As well as renewing a sense of common purpose within this country, the Olympics showed to others something of the extraordinary warmth and enthusiasm of the people as Canada welcomed participants and audiences from around the globe.  À de nombreux égards, le Canada s’affirme fièrement sur la scène internationale, affrontant l’avenir avec confiance.
I wish you all the very happiest Canada Day.  God bless you all and God bless Canada.

Stephen Harper’s speech:

Greetings to fellow Canadians here on Parliament Hill, across our country, and around the world on this, the 143rd anniversary of Confederation.
Happy Canada Day!
And Your Majesty, welcome to this spectacular party and, on behalf of all Canadians, welcome back to your home away from home!  We are delighted to have our sovereign with us on this special occasion.
I know you will want to join me in extending a warm greeting to Her Excellency the Governor General, Michaëlle Jean, who is representing us as we speak at a very special Canada Day ceremony taking place at the World Expo in Shanghai.
Ladies and gentlemen, this past year has been a great one for our country. We hosted the most vibrant Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games of all time! And at those Olympic and Paralympic Games, our fantastic athletes set a record for the most gold medals that any nation has won at any Winter Games ever!
Canada also hosted the G-8 and G-20 Summits, during which the world’s leaders determined the next steps on the road back to global prosperity.
And, as Canada chairs the G-8 and G-20 nations, we are leading the world, beginning the recovery from the global recession in the strongest economic position of any country in the world!
And, of course, in Haiti, Afghanistan and elsewhere, Canada is making a positive difference in the world, through the work of our diplomats, our development workers, and the men and women of the Canadian Forces!
Ladies and gentlemen, we should be proud of our history and our heritage.  We have a noble heritage.  The richness of the land first inhabited and fully appreciated by our aboriginal peoples. The steadfast determination and continental ambition of our French pioneers, who were the first to call themselves ‘Canadians.’
The courage and vision of the British adventurers and loyalists, who brought with them our institutions and our freedoms under the Crown.  And, of course, the faith of every immigrant man and woman, from every corner of the globe, who, with the world to choose from, has declared, ‘I will be a Canadian.’  They have made us all the true north, strong and free!
On behalf of my family: Laureen, Ben, and Rachel; and on behalf of the entire Government of Canada, I wish each and every one of you a wonderful Canada Day!
Happy Canada Day! And, God save the Queen!

He’s also got a video message here.

Michael Ignatieff's greeting:

On Canada Day, Canadians will be firing up their barbecues, taking the family to the beach or the park, and meeting friends in backyards. There is a spirit of good neighbourliness on Canada Day that shows us at our best.
Canada Day is also when many new Canadians swear allegiance to their new country and become citizens.
From the pride and excitement that I’ve seen on their faces, they know they have joined a great country:  free, equal, democratic and compassionate. Let’s work together to make this great country even better.
On behalf of the Liberal Party of Canada and our Parliamentary Caucus, let me wish everyone a joyous Canada Day.

He also has a video here.

And finally, Jack Layton’s greeting:

Today New Democrats join Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast to honour and celebrate this great country.
Whether you’ve been here all your life or are observing your first ever Canada Day, July 1st is a time to reflect on and appreciate the shared values that make our country what it is.
Values like diversity, tolerance and social justice—respect for one another and the belief that we all belong.
Canada is a place like no other, where people from all over the globe can come together and feel at home.
That should make us all proud to be Canadian.
So as we spend today celebrating, in communities large and small, let’s also recommit ourselves to working together to keep Canada great for generations to come.
On behalf of all New Democrats, I wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday. Happy Birthday Canada!

Her Excellency, meanwhile, seems to have enjoyed her trip to China, where she marked Canada Day with a visit to the Canadian pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai.

The chef was preparing Canadian beef. (Getty)
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