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The Chaz Bono statistics

Okay, so some people are freaking the fuck out over nothing Chaz Bono being on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars. Exactly as the producers expected/hoped, I'm sure. TMZ (so, you know, the legitimate press) have put a poll on their website, where readers can vote their opinions to certain Chaz-related questions. If you answer the questions, you can see the results. As of today, here's where the world stands on Chaz Bono and Dancing with the Stars.

1. It's wrong for Chaz to dance with a woman: 75% say no, 25% say yes.

2. Chaz will screw up young kids who watch: 74% say no, 26% say yes.

3. ABC is guilty of cheap pandering: 30% say no, 70% say yes.

4. Chaz is a good role model: 57% say no, 43% say yes.

5. More brilliant booking? 53% say Chaz, 47% say Nancy Grace.

6. Chaz will be eliminated: 53% say fourth, 39% say first, 8% say he'll win.

7. DWTShas no business promoting social agendas: 65% say yes, 35% say no.

8. Chaz will make viewers more tolerant: 57% say yes, 43% say no.

These are my answers:

1. No, dancing is never wrong.

2. Not as much as their parents.

3. Yes, welcome to show business.

4. He is smart, brave and passionate. Why wouldn't you look up to him?

5. Chaz, of course. The woman who created the catch phrase "Tot Mom" deserves to suffer a long and painful death.

6. I hope he wins!

7. Everyone (including television show creators) has a right to express themselves and their points of view in any way they choose, so long as they're not hurting anyone.

8. Hell, yes. And bless him for it.

Go Chaz go!