Toronto Diary
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The Church Street Fetish Fair: fun for the whole family!

With heavy heart, I read that this year’s Fetish Fair has been downgraded to the PG-friendly Church Street Village Fair in hopes of bringing more families to the street. The real Fetish Fair is now relegated to Zipperz. While I get that times are tough and we need to bring in as much money as we can, here’s the thing:

Some families actually like the Fetish Fair.

True story: last year, I took both my mother and my grandmother to the fair. Bear in mind, they’re not like me: my mother is STAUNCHLY anti-porn, and my grandmother is a sweet little Irish-Catholic God-fearing woman. And guess what? They both fucking LOVED IT. My grandmother demanded to take pictures with everyone, and, of course, my mother made me run and ask men in full-length mesh bodysuits and corset-clad dominatrixes with titties popping out the top to be in pictures with the two of them. Hand to God, there is a picture on my mom’s camera of my grandmother flanked by the Scorpio Twins. I’m still begging her to make it the front of our family Christmas card.

The point is that fetish is fun. It’s not something you actively want to participate in with your family ("Mother, would you kindly pass the sounding rods, please?"), but everyone can appreciate kink on display. Even my darling old grandmother. 

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