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The CockyBoys re-rehaul

Porn fans are not known for their attention span (in fact, in the amount of time it took me to type this sentence, I Googled “Jesse Santana’s ass” five times). This may have something to do with the fact that giving a man an erection is like giving a small child a hammer, in that both will immediately use it to bang everything. This poses a potential dilemma for porn sites: you must constantly evolve with your audience or risk getting stuck in the jizz soup that is the internet.

CockyBoys has always been a master of quickly changing with the times to avoid stagnation, but it never overhauls things so much that it becomes unrecognizable to fans. It’s like the Madonna of gay porn, only without the freakish gargoyle arms and the thirst for virgin blood. Since its debut in 2008, CockyBoys has retained the same basic approach: tanned, tattooed muscle hunks with cocky attitude.

What sets it apart is how it’s used this notion as a starting point rather than the endgame. Whereas other sites would slap two bronzed bohunks together, throw some condoms at them and then put them through the motions, CockyBoys focuses on the duality of gay sex. Based on the guys’ appearances, any of them could at any time play the part of the dominant top or the submissive bottom, so their eventual roles develop organically out of the natural sexual dynamics between the two. It’s not about figuring out how to put the pieces together so much as it is seeing how many ways two men can MacGyver together dicks and assholes.

Under its new management, CockyBoys has refined not only the way content is shot but also the user experience. The site runs faster, offers full HD, is compatible with iPhones, iPads and Android, and has even streamlined the sign-up process, which is all a nice way of saying that it’s now easier for them to send you cocks and asses anywhere, anytime.

But you’re not reading this because you want to hear about technological advances, so let’s talk about the porn models, shall we? Since its reboot, CockyBoys has gone on to recruit a whole new roster of exclusive porn boys,
including adorably twinky Mason Star, scruffy Canadian newcomer Gabriel Clark and monster-cocked pornstar Tommy Defendi. One recent scene, a three-way between Star, Clark and Adrian Long, virtually took over the gay porn blogs last month and more or less ruled them with an iron fist.

Granted, CockyBoys may not have been the first company to realize that people like jacking off to tanned and toned muscle boys, but you can’t deny it’s among the best when it comes to execution. They know how to keep things fresh and new without purging what won over fans to begin with. It’s the evolution of the gay man’s orgasm.