Toronto Diary
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The coffee wars

Big news, everyone! Second Cup announced that it would be returning to the Church-Wellesley Village after a long exile! Not only that, but they’re also going to be working on recreating the famous steps, a popular meeting ground in the Village that was even featured on Kids in the Hall.

Although this does pose a rather awkward scenario because it’ll be more or less directly across the street from the existing Starbucks. And while Second Cup will try to bring back memories of the days of yore spent out on the steps, Starbucks did at least pick up where the long-gone Second Cup left off, in regard to paying $5 for a cup of hot milk with a shot of espresso. Clearly, there is only one sensible solution to this:


Two adorably quaint franchise cafés enter, only one leaves. Baristas fighting in the streets for our valuable dollars… The streets running brown with coffee as both sides try to outdo each other with non-threatening adult-contemporary music and fresh-baked goods pulled out of plastic containers… Glorious. Absolutely glorious.

Or you know, they could just cohabitate in the Village as people frequent whichever one they like best. But where’s the fun in that?Bookmark and Share