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The come underwear: Orgasm guaranteed or your money back

Liquid Lapdance has created a come diaper (which is the new come dumpster) designed to stimulate you while receiving a lap dance and bring you to climax.

The underwear are hyped as “the best strip club invention since the pole” on Liquid Lapdance’s website, and they come (no pun intended) with an orgasm guarantee. If they aren’t filled with your jizz by the end of the night, you get a refund.

“It started because my buddies and I would go to the strip club, and one of my buddies didn’t like to get dances. He said that they hurt him. That’s how we started coming up with how we could make dances better,” Reg, one of Liquid Lapdance’s employees, told Vice magazine. “The rubbing [part of lap dances] hurt my buddy’s sensitive skin.”

Vice’s Mitchell Sunderland decided to give the underwear a test by wearing them to Manhattan strip bar Adonis Lounge.

“Before heading to Adonis, I walked around the room to see what the diaper felt like,” Mitchell reports. “At first, it felt like my penis was permanently stuck in the beginning stages of a blow job, which quickly became annoying because it didn’t go anywhere. Meanwhile, the spandex stuck to my pubes, and it ripped one of them off as I strutted around the room. Now I understood why the Liquid Lapdance comes with a free packet of bikini wax.”

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