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The complaints department

After signing the Defense of Marriage Act back in 1996, former US president Bill Clinton now says he's "basically in support" of same-sex marriage.  Yes, because when people think marriage, they think Bill Clinton!  By this point, Bill, I think the gays are "basically" okay without you.

(Mind you, Queerty's not so big on Barack Obama, either)

Journalist Michael Rowe is appalled at the Illinois court decision to acquit a man who responded to a gay neighbour's alleged sexual advance by stabbing him 61 times!  It's "nothing if not the very definition of 'overkill,'" says Rowe.

But me, I'm delighted!  You know that drunk girl at the club that keeps getting all handsy with the gay men?  Well, now there's a legal precedent to murder her!  Let's call it "hetero panic":  "I had to, your honour — her long fingernails…they were so unnatural!"

Speaking of unnatural, "The View" ladies got all Siskel & Ebert this week, whining over "Bruno."  If you've ever wanted to hear Barbara Walters talk anal sex, now's your moment:

Across the TV dial, is anyone watching "Big Brother" this year?  It's a mixed bag — sure, we've got Russell getting naked but Jeff is a homophobic douchebag.  I think I'll just wait for Degrassi to come back.

But in the meantime, here's something you won't complain about — a new video from the ever-delightful Fritz Helder and the Phantoms: