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The Conversationalist – Daniel Baylis

A superb artist I know from Montreal has packed up his life and embarked on a year-long travel project. He's blogging his experiences along the way: he's video-blogging, photo-blogging and blog-blogging. Every month, he'll travel to a new country and give back to the community that he stays in.

And yes, he is also single… and smart and funny and gifted and chic. In general, he is everything I love about Canada, and he may just be one of my favourite people of all time. Period.

So follow him on Facebook. On Twitter. On YouTube.

Check out his site – The Conversationalist – for updates on his travels.

He's spending Month Two "off the grid" on an organic farm in Costa Rica (aka Hell) to see what it's like to live like a raw-food vegan. Mmm. Yucksies. 

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