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The Crown theory was bullshit – BACKGROUND


Courtroom Drama
Reporting on the trial of Ivan Mendez-Romero
Mar 17, 2008

Accused Lover Goes Free
Calls on cops to reopen investigation into Naglic’s death
Mar 13, 2008

A Free Man
Acquitted lover wants murder case reopened
Mar 7, 2008

‘Jury acquits lover of death of Janko Naglic’
Mar 5, 2008

‘A Trial of Hearsay’
The defence refutes the case against Mendez-Romero
Mar 4, 2008

‘Vida Loca’ Led to Death
The Crown’s case for murder
Mar 4, 2008

Accused Stopped for Speeding on Night of Naglic’s Death
Crown rests its case against Mendez-Romero
Feb 28, 2008

‘Different People, Same Problems’
Naglic had a history of troubled relationships, says witness
Feb 28, 2008

Friend Told Naglic To Stand Up To Lover
“Tired of all the tales of woe and drama”
Feb 27, 2008

“He Threatened To Kill Me”
Longtime friend told Naglic not to worry
Feb 26, 2008

Neighbour Reported Naglic’s Death
Accused looked “physically ill”
Feb 24, 2008

Accused Killer Sued for Spousal Support
Despite heterosexual marriage that was threatening gay relationship
Feb 24, 2008

Naglic’s Doctor, Lawyer Advised Him to Go to the Cops
Barn founder had an appointment to meet estate lawyer days after his death
Feb 22, 2008

‘No Real Evidence of a Struggle’
Pathologist testifies on Naglic’s injuries
Feb 21, 2008

‘He Didn’t Love Me Or His Wife’
Next-door neighbour testifies in murder trial
Feb 20, 2008

Criminal Lawyer Says He Believes Dead Man’s Extortion Claims
Naglic would “do anything” to keep relationship with accused alive
Feb 20, 2008

‘The Bitch Isn’t Dead Yet’
Naglic “lied” about police extortion, says witness
Feb 20, 2008

Naglic Feared Police Shakedown, Witness Says
Court told deceased was overdrinking in last years of his life
Feb 19, 2008

No Evidence of Robbery in Murder Case
Unknown fingerprints found in house where Naglic died
Feb 18, 2008

Friend Testifies that Naglic Loved Accused Killer to the End
Josip Zemljak introduced the couple on holiday in 1994
Feb 16, 2008

No Forensic Evidence To Link Accused To Naglic’s Death
Police witness describes murder scene
Feb 15, 2008

Opening Arguments in Murder Trial
‘Desperate man’ took Naglic’s life, says Crown
Feb 14, 2008

Murder Trial Begins

Pretrial applications expected to take at least a week
Feb 4, 2008



Murder Trial Looms

Lover faces charges in death of Barn founder Janko Naglic
Jan 17, 2008

Former Lover Charged with Murder of Former Bar Owner

Police thank queer community for help, but isn’t giving reward
Aug 26, 2005

Maverick & Innovator

Naglic’s life can’t be summed up by final day
Nov 11, 2004

Local Bar Owner Claims He Was Hit Up for Protection Money

Speculation surrounding police corruption scandal spills over to Church St
Apr 29, 2004



Barn Back with a Boo

Nov 1, 2007

Landmark Bar to Go on the Market

Oct 13, 2005