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The Danzig shooting: now it’s getting jingoistic

In the aftermath of the Danzig shooting from a couple days ago, we as a city were given the opportunity to look at ourselves and ask what in the name of hell is going on that we’ve seen two major gang-related shootings in the past month and a half. Or in Rob Ford’s case, you look at this and figure that you can just kick all these criminals out of Canada using immigration laws.

In a second interview on Wednesday evening, [Ford] indicated that he wants changes in federal law. Asked by AM640’s Arlene Bynon how convicts could be kept from living here, he said: “I don’t know, and that’s what I’m going to sit down with the prime minister and find out, how our immigration laws work.”

The police have not publicly said that the shooting Monday in Scarborough was perpetrated by immigrants. Ford did not elaborate on the connection he sees between gang violence and immigration, and he did not explain how he believes immigration laws might factor into his proposal. (via MetroNews)

Sooooo . . . either our mayor is ridiculously jingoistic or he has no idea how to do anything. Or both. Both is a possibility.

Look, if you want to stop gang violence, it’s usually easier to do so by eliminating the cause rather than the symptom. Upending the Criminal Code would be both impossible and morally reprehensible, so why not dig down to the root of the problem: community outreach programs, better access to education, more extracurricular activities . . . Any one of these incredibly general ideas is still WILDLY better than this one specific impossible idea.

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