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The detainee issue explodes

That whole Afghan detainee issue? Is blowing up entirely. Question Period today is going to be ri-dic-u-lous.

In the event you missed it, on Friday night, allegations made their way into the media that CSIS has had a role with interrogating Afghan prisoners – or in seeing that they are turned over to someone who can gain intelligence from them, including the Americans.

And the Opposition is not going to be happy about this at all.

Already they’re not happy about the government’s decision to name former Supreme Court Justice Iacobucci to review all of the documents on Afghan detainees to see what can “legally” be turned over to Parliament – even though it’s quite clear that Parliament has the power to subpoena any documents it desires. Iacobucci’s nomination is simply a delay tactic.

After all, in Question Period on Friday, Jack Layton took exception to the fact that Iacobucci is to report to the minister of justice, not the House. Liberal justice critic Dominic LeBlanc wanted them to go the next step and call a public inquiry. And Derek Lee, who has drafted those contempt of Parliament motions, was holding off on them until he could see the terms of reference for Justice Iacobucci, but these new revelations could mean he’s going to want to speed up the timetable, so that Parliament can begin investigating these new claims as soon as possible. The government, already on the defensive, will redouble its efforts in saying the opposition is just trying to badmouth the troops.

It’s going to get ugly. Really ugly. Election ugly? I hesitate to say. But Harper is probably going to wish that he hadn’t used his prorogation card until he really needed it.

On the topic of Rob Nicholson, he sent a letter in response to Senator Cowan’s requests for clarification on Nicholson’s statements regarding the Senate’s supposed “stalling” of Justice legislation. And oh, look – Nicholson packed said letter with more spin, bullshit and hyperbole. Aren’t you glad he’s our stellar choice for Attorney General?

Also in Question Period of Friday, Rob Oliphant got up to speak about the Citizenship Guide, and Kenney’s telling Egale Canada that it was “merely an oversight.” Kenney said they should be proud he included gays and lesbians. Um, that sidebar photo was not inclusion! Speaking of, Maclean’s spoke to Mark Tewksbury about the whole issue, seeing as he was the sole representation for queer Canada in the guide. (Hint: he’s not buying the government line either).

And finally, the government announced that it will be dropping the national anthem issue – distraction achieved! And now Harper is a hero for standing up against those awful feminists! Poor Senator Nancy Ruth, thrown under the bus for it. (I’m going to try to talk to her later in the week).

Up today – Her Excellency is in Haiti to survey the damage to her childhood home for herself.
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