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The dog days are ova!

I can’t stop crying! It’s too early for this shitz. It’s the soundtrack, I swear. If you’re not worried about messing up your makeup, check out the video (below). Seventy-two beagles were rescued from an animal testing lab in Spain by Animal Rescue Media Education (ARME), and this video shows their first ever steps outside! 

It has been reported by RadarOnline that Dr Conrad Murray’s defence team tested the effects of Propofol on beagles during the Michael Jackson trial. What a fucking scumbag. It’s not bad enough that his greedy ass took advantage of his medical licence, leading to murder, but he is so fucking heartless that he decided to kill some puppies, too?! 

ARME’s Gary Smith said this about the docile and loving dogs: “The same reason the beagle is a perfect companion animal is the same reason they’re used for testing.”

Some of you might think this is a leap, but I believe animals and gays have a lot in common. We’re misunderstood and some of us have been caged against our will, taken advantage of and treated with less respect and care than we deserve. But most of all, we’re so fucking cute we’ll break your heart!

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